Christmas In Ice, Inc., P.O. Box 57250, North Pole AK 99705                         Last updated 7/5/17
The 2017-18 information flyer and artist applications posted on  the Event Flyer & Artist Information page  

Events for the upcoming season are subject to change.  The park grows as the month progresses due to the nature of the competition.  It is not complete at the opening of the event.  Watch for an updated information here and on Facebook.

* * * REMINDER * * *
Prepare for outdoor winter fun with snow boots, snow pants, gloves, and the rest! This is an ICE park and we think you'll enjoy it more if you wear appropriate cold-weather clothing.

 Our New Year's Eve Spectacular begins at 10 pm Dec 31st with free admission to the park, countdown to '2018' with Santa, and a spectacular fireworks show on park grounds. Join us for this family-friendly, alcohol-free, community event. The park doors will close at 11:45 pm so the volunteers can go outside to enjoy the fireworks and countdown at Midnight.

 * * * * FYI * * * *

We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover at the ice park.

Sleds are available for park guests to use on the ice slides on a first-come basis.  They are located at various slides within the park.  

Feel free to bring your own sleds. We also sell sleds at the park. 

New Year's Eve Fireworks and Snowflake Drop

Free admission 10 pm -11:45 pm

Count down with Santa at MIDNIGHT

Christmas in Ice, the 6-week winter ice park located next to Santa Claus House, 101 St. Nicholas Drive in North Pole, Alaska features Christmas-themed ice art competition pieces, ice slides and a maze, twirlers, indoor kids’ crafts, and educational ice sculpture demonstrations, adding color and light to our Interior Alaska winter.  The kid's parks is AWESOME. 
Kudos to 147 Degrees West for this video....
Santa Cam has about a 20 second on the RED button above and keep watching for your loved ones to appear.
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Christmas In Ice
11th Annual Event
Nov 25, 2017 - Jan 9, 2018
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Ways to Volunteer

Ice Harvest 
Heavy equipment operation
Meals for Carvers
Ice park set-up/take-down
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Special Events
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We are an all volunteer organization. If you love 
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Single Block Competition
Politicians with Power Tools
Amateur Classes & Competition 
Multi-block Competition
Military Appreciation
Community Picnic
Junior Carvers Competition
New Year’s Eve Celebration 
        FIREWORKS at Midnight!!
Elf’s Icy Playround with iceslides, maze, twirlers and more.

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