Christmas In Ice, Inc., P.O. Box 57250, 
North Pole AK 99705                        
 Last updated 11/7/19

New Year's Eve Fireworks and Snowflake Drop

in previous years

Christmas in Ice is a winter ice park located next to Santa Claus House, 101 St. Nicholas Drive in North Pole, Alaska 
featuring Christmas-themed ice art pieces, ice slides and twirlers, adding color and light to our 
Interior Alaska winter.  The kid's park is AWESOME
Kudos to 147 Degrees West for this video....
Santa Cam has about a 20 second on the RED button above and keep watching for your loved ones to appear.
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The 2019-2020 Event has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.
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About Us
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Big Slide 2016
Thank you to the thousands of people who have come to this event.  We will miss having the Christmas in Ice this year.